Tube Color Map

To better understand how my tube colors map to the color spectrum, I painted some swatches and scanned them in:


Based on their HSB values, I mapped them to the color space:


As you can see, I have a lot of reds and there are gaps in the teal greens, purples and magentas. (You can download a .pdf of the chart here.) Assuming the scanning was somewhat accurate in color temperature, we have a few interesting discoveries:

  • Magenta has a hue number of 300; however, the tube color is 349 (not really magenta).
  • There is a 13 point hue difference between Brilliant Yellow and Brilliant Yellow Light.
  • Likewise, there is a 12 point difference between Video Blue and Video Blue Light.
  • Phthalo Green (180) is closer to teal (180) than Cobalt Bright Turquoise (194) and Phthalo Turquoise (Daniel Smith = 205 and Windsor & Newton = 231).
  • There’s a 32 point difference between Gamblin Brown Pink and Holbein Brown Pink.
  • Rousseau Green has the same hue as Cadmium Lemon (58).
  • Carbazole Violet (271), Cobalt Blue (236), Cad Lemon (57), Indian Yellow (31) and Cad Red Light (2) are dead on to principal hues (Violet (270), Blue (240), Yellow (60), Orange (30) and Red (0 or 360)).

If you have some colors that could fill the gaps, or are curious about the placement of your palette colors, contact me about sending color swatches to be scanned and mapped. I would like to get fuller coverage of the color spectrum with tube colors.


Copyright © 2014 Roy Zuniga

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